April 23, 2014

// BRAND LOVE // Wild Fang

 Their insta is pretty cool

Petals & Peacocks Vintage Black Tomboy Tank

Mista Black Pandora Buckle Boot

 Sanctuary Black and White Crop Sweatshirt


Your search for badass tomboy attire ends here. I remember first seeing Wild Fang a year ago through following a blogger who showed up in a video of theirs. I was like, WHOA!, this brand seems epically cool and dove right into their site like a mad man.

I just love the style so much, obviously. I don't think I've ever told you all but growing up I would wear my older brother's hand me downs. I'd go to school in over sized Nautica and Nike shirts and things like that. I'd always brush my hair back into a bun and was happy to keep on doing so until my mom sorta "talked" to me about how I shouldn't dress that way lol

Well now I do what I want Mommm ha ha, and I choose to be a little rascal. I really haven't changed, and with Wild Fang I never have to.

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April 21, 2014

Chained and Cuffed

Top: Free People ~ Pants: Love Culture ~  Boots: Dolce Vita ~ Jewelry: F21, Fossil, Vintage

I have to say the weather this weekend was amazing. It sort of made me wish I had a dog to play frisbee with at a park or something. Or just some fat lazy cat that I could cuddle with on a blanket under a tree while reading a book. The cat wouldn't need to wander too far and it'd be sleepy and lazy like me....

Yeah I'm just being random and writing silly things. 

I'd like to hear from you silent readers out there... 

What did you think of last nights episode of Game of Thrones? Little finger is up to something I think, and boy howdy Tyrion is going to have to use that clever mouth to get out of this one! And oh my god the Lannister sex scene?!?!? My cousin had me dying in laughter because he said Jaime was tugging on the sheet Joffrey was laying on, and it looked like he was pulling Joffrey off the table for a family threesome. I know that was sooooo bad, but hey, I thought it was really funny. That's just my sense of humor I guess.

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April 18, 2014


Indie and Outdoorsy Fashion Blogger Anais Alexandre in an all white outfit
Top: Mossimo ~ Shorts: Mossimo ~ Fringe Cardigan: Love Culture ~ Shoes: Urban Outfitter ~ Jewelry: F21

Indie and Outdoorsy Fashion Blogger Anais Alexandre in an all white outfit

Indie and Outdoorsy Fashion Blogger Anais Alexandre in an all white outfit

Indie and Outdoorsy Fashion Blogger Anais Alexandre in an all white outfit

Indie and Outdoorsy Fashion Blogger Anais Alexandre in an all white outfit

Indie and Outdoorsy Fashion Blogger Anais Alexandre in an all white outfit

Indie and Outdoorsy Fashion Blogger Anais Alexandre in an all white outfit

I'm listening to Memoryhouse as I write this which is suitably shoegazy for these pictures I snapped yesterday afternoon. It was overcast and just threatening to storm all day long but I never saw a drop. That makes me think the weather was playing chicken with me...and I guess I won.

I've been watching a lot of Cosmos lately and playing catch up. Have you guys been keeping up with the episodes? I've always been the kind of girl who can really dig in to science shows. Earlier I was stuck on nat geo and then history channel where they were showing a marathon on Roswell and alien encounters. I love watching stuff like that. I think the people on there just make up experiences to get on tv most of the time but it doesn't even matter because I'd watch anyway. 

Do I always need to write about fashion in the actual post? I think you guys can see what I like from the pictures and this written bit at the bottom can be for us to get to know each other. Yep. 

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April 16, 2014

// BRAND LOVE // Poler Stuff

All images by Poler Stuff

Do you believe in a soul brand? It’s this bright and special connection where your mind and heart sorta glow because you’ve finally found one another. There are tons of brands I love but with Poler Stuff…..well we sorta have something special.

I first met them through Tumblr and if you follow me on there you’ll see I reblog them just about every day. Their pictures cover breathtaking vistas and epic adventures. I just…they’re so awesome. I want everything they offer which is that carefree wanderlust lifestyle across the globe I long for.

What? Oh sorry, I was just daydreaming about hiking the Appalachian Mountains in my Poler Stuff gear. 

If you aren’t as pumped and excited looking at their pics as I am then you have no soul! Ha ha….(thinks about Poler Stuff)

(loving sigh)

p.s. And nope, they didn't even pay me to say this. I guess love just makes you do crazy things... :)

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April 14, 2014

Always Greener

Top: c/o Free People ~ Pants: Levis ~ Bra: c/o Free People ~ Boots: BDG ~ Jewelry: F21~ Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Some days feel like the world is against you and nothing seems to go your way no matter how hard you try. I'm sitting in coffee shop, Panther Coffee to be exact, fully experiencing one of those days. I'm not gonna get into details but it's like things started going haywire the moment I woke up. 

I've been in this place before, and I'm sure you have too, and all I wanted to do was drive home, curl up in bed and just drift into dreamland where my horrible day would cease to exist. I could've done that but I'm determined to turn things around lol

I mean, I have free tickets to go see one of my favorite bands, Local Natives, tonight at Revolution (yeah my day sucked so hard I was thinking of skipping out). So, all this is to say that yeah, life can suck a big one sometimes, and you can lay down and let the wave roll over you or you can ride that sucker til that frown turns upside down.

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