August 28, 2014


A few fun things I've been working on lol ;)

August 22, 2014

Sun Storm

Indie Fashion Blogger Anais Alexandre of Down to Stars in stance socks on her NY balcony

Indie Fashion Blogger Anais Alexandre of Down to Stars in stance socks on her NY balcony

Indie Fashion Blogger Anais Alexandre of Down to Stars in stance socks on her NY balcony

I'm the type of person that whirlwinds through emotions and impulsively acts on them without thinking things through. Sometimes it's for worst and if I'm lucky it's for the best. I've been going through some tough times finding myself and figuring out what I want to do with my life. I'm working on staying true to who I am and strategizing my next moves without sacrificing my principles in the process. Life is tough folks, this isn't news to anyone, but somehow, sometimes, I forget and am brutally reminded just how difficult maneuvering through life can be.

I'm grateful for whatever good I happen upon and appreciate the hell out of it because those are tiny miracles. We're always growing and evolving into the next phase of who we are and there are absolute no road maps which is the scariest part.

There's no sure fired methods for making quality friends, deep connections with people, finding/keeping fulfilling employment or discovering love (no matter what kind of love that may be).

There's no rules, and no one is keeping count if we're doing things wrong or right. It's just us making our own way in everything we do. My hope is that I'll navigate through life with a strong moral compass that leads to gratifying personal growth. Everything else just colors the journey.

This is a song I've been listening to on repeat. The raw emotion in it kinda sums up how I feel about everything right now.

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August 18, 2014

Island Afternoons

This past weekend I hung out at Governors Island for the first time with some friends. The Jazz Age Lawn Party was going on and it was basically like walking into The Great Gatsby except everyone had a smartphone in their hands. 

It was tons of fun and I ate too much junk food and got little kid tired and needed to take a nap. So clearly I had a good time. 

Also watched You Got Mail for the first time which is probablyyy one of the sweetest movies ever. No guy like that exists so the movie just sort of made me mad/sad lol but I really liked it and totally fell for it all and YES if you musttt ask I cried okay. Alright. There. So now you know I feeel. I'm a human girl underneath all my outward angst and I feel feelings lol

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August 14, 2014

Decked Out Designers

Damien Hirst Supreme blue skateboard deck, $753 

Nate Lowman skateboard decks, $3,500

DL Deep V skateboard, $195

Supreme Takashi Murakami skateboard decks, $6,000 

Supreme Takashi Murakami skateboard decks $100

I was so psyched to get an Airwalk deck not too long ago from a PR agency. I love the deck but had to leave it in Miami because packing your deck takes up crazy luggage space, am I right?! Anyhoo, I was just checking out some other cool deck designs and happened upon some designer decks and thought it'd be interesting to post.

It kind of hits on a touchy subject in skate culture (which I'm learning about more and more) about skateboarding becoming super commercialized and many have feelings that the culture is being diluted for the masses. These designer decks are pretty sweet though, and very very expensive so yay! Only super duper rich people can get them? Will they skate to Saks? The world may never know.

Just wanted to share and I thought it'd be fun to look at these pretty decks with you.

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